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Nov 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
. this is tremendous progress, policies tighten, governance and institutions made safer. and work continues. that brings us to today on the brink of a 1-year anniversary, civil lawsuits, perjury trials and we can expect more fallout to come. over the last year we have learned much about ourselves. many cultures, values and visions. we are working through some difficult issues but the question remains where do we go from here? to penn state's core mission, teaching research and service. our bottom line is delivering outstanding education to students. students are the top priority. our students are our top priority. this year our journalism students capture the national championship and the william randolph hearst foundation's journalism award program. top honors in the national eco car competition, the others racing to get their vehicle to the moon in the google and x prize competition. meteorology students won the national weather forecast challenge and notably this week more than 3400 penn state meteorology alumni were tracking hurricanes and the for the government, private indus
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
the world or the reality of ill-advised wars in vietnam war iraq. mcgovern is some the government has certain basic responsibilities like guaranteeing civil rights. searching for ways to live peacefully in the world. choosing dialogue over blame, respect over division, hope over fear. what made george a great public servant was not only his compassion and integrity but his son, envision. he saw connections others didn't see what the connection between political stability and hungry children. that vision became food for peace. and the mcgovern dole international food education program. he also saw things sooner than others. in 1962 he said the most important issue of our time is the establishment of conditions for world peace. nine months into his first term he gave his search -- first speech on vietnam. in 1970 he warned about the dependence of the united states on fossil fuels. in 1984 he urged our american leadership to understand the complexity that challenges and the volatility of circumstances in the middle east. i believe america would be a better place had george become pre
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2